I Like It Black

Apparently, I am not talking about  coffee here as I am not a coffee person unless it’s latte or frappe, but really, I prefer tea than coffee if you ask me. So I’m back to “black on black” today and it’s definitely not a surprise because I do all out black every now and then. My sister be like “All black again?!” I guess it goes to show I am not that kind of person who enjoys the spotlight huh… Ahem! =)

Anyway, this jumpsuit is one of my most comfortable piece ever in my closet. There’s definitely no need to bother what to mix and match over this suit, it’s under the radar but it’s classy. On lazy days like today, I just have to slip an over-all like this and wrap it up with a golden belt. If I were to wear it  in places where winter exist, I would definitely grab a faux fur coat and top it off on my suit. I did found a little wrap around fur collar in Promod but when I turned to see  the price tag, it was a hefty P 2,700 for just a collar! So I dropped it after a second thought… Yes, I am a shopaholic, but it’s just way beyond my rod and I’m hoping to see another fur collar in the Thrift Shop instead, hehe… Wish me luck!


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Jumpsuit – People R People / Shoes – Brash from Payless Shoesource / Bag – Parisian / Sunnies- Celine / Belt – Vintage

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