Word Of The Day is Ecru…Oh yes, I did my  homework… Lol!

I can always go for earth tone, or taupe, or  beige, but like I said, I did my homework and I choose the word”Ecru” because I think it kinda sounds cool, don’t you think? =) So class, lemme introduce to you this word which means “raw” or “unbleached” in French. Ecru describes the shade of greyish pale yellow or greyish-yellow- brown… Thank you wikipedia, haha!

Too much about color lecture, let’s talk about my OOTD, or you can skip these scribbles and just scroll for the photos, that’s perfectly fine with me, hehe… I keep this look simple and  monochromatic so I can highlight my awesome Christian Serriano Tote from Payless Shoesource. That’s right, Payless is not all about shoes, they also have these amazing collections of bags and accessories, so when I got my Gift Certificate for their #fallforpayless promo last year, (remembered my post November last year about this promo? ) I flashed to their store and grabbed this bag. And I so love how my sissie’s So Fab shoes compliments my bag, it’s like a match made in heaven! =)

So keep on following my blog, Payless Shoesource might just have another promo this year and this time, you might just be one of the lucky ones to get a Gift Certificate from them.


fade c b

Dress – Thrifted / Shoes – So Fab / Bag – Christian Serriano from Payless Shoesource

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