Midnight In Hong Kong

I am so in love with Hongkong, like seriously, I want to live there for the rest of my life… Or for the rest of spring at least =) I’m dreaming of 10 degrees Celsius weather here in the Philippines right at this very moment (less the rain), oh I wish! Anyway, I had a blast during my recent vacation in Hongkong and I can’t wait to share with you our photos – next week!

‘m all wrapped up during our 5- day trip in Hongkong. I am no expert when it comes to layering (I’m a typical tropical girl all the way), so I only wear what I think would be comfortable enough to keep me warm from this cold cold night. So there goes my casual top and skirt topped off with a coat and tights and knitted gloves to keep me warm, andΒ  I’m good to stay all night in this bustling city of Tsim Sha Tsui!


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Β Top – Promod / Skirt – Something Borrowed from http://www.zalora.ph / Coat – Thrifted / Boots – Vintage / Bag – Parisian

9 thoughts on “Midnight In Hong Kong

  1. trust me, when you get your wish for a 10-degree celsius temperature in the philippines, you’ll long for the warm and sunny 30’s. i rejoice when the temperature here even touches 20! anything below that is too cold for me.

    as a fellow tropical girl, i’m new to layering too. you’re not alone. hehe.

    1. I guess I am loving their low temperature because I’m not used to it, haha! Seriously, the warm weather today is getting on my nerves as I ride a jeepney to work, it really drains me and it’s stressing me out… but I agree that having a summery weather everyday has its own benefit =)

      1. i used to get irritated with the heat before too. but weeks and weeks of nothing but cold weather seriously makes me yearn for summer! i keep telling my fiance that australia would be perfect if it were summer all year round. well, almost perfect. the spiders over here are deadly. and they live right inside your house or right in your backyard! crazy!

          1. oh, most of them are deadly, alright! i’ve never killed so many spiders since i came here. bug sprays have sort of become my bestfriend. lol.

            speaking of cockroaches, somebody told me they hate vinegars. you might wanna spray them, as well as the corners of your house, with it. tell me if it works. =)

          2. hahaha. that’s very unusual, indeed! i don’t like both but between the two, the lesser evil for me would definitely be cockroaches.

            on the bright side, he wouldn’t have any problem at all protecting you from snakes! hehehe.

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