Hong Kong Travel Journal

Kung Hei Fat Choi! They say early week of February is the best time to visit China, or Hongkong in my case, when the city is in the festive mode in preparation of the Chinese New Year but not on the New Year week itself because the hotel rates and everything soar twice as much, and of course the crowd as well.

 I know a lot of you have been to Hongkong, and I’m not surprised because the place is simply wonderful! Just for today, allow me to play the neophyte part as I show you some of the amazing stuffs we have captured during our 5 days trip…


The night lights couldn’t be more awesome! I wish I had a better camera to capture how this city turns into a dazzling place with all those buildings suddenly coming into life at night time.





They say it’s the happiest place on earth, well, if I was 12 years old I would think I’m in heaven (less the heavy queuing for a 15 minute ride of course) And oh, thank you so much Stitch for making me and my husband extra special on your show =)

 FILE191FILE168a FILE251


The real fun was here, and I am glad we did not follow the itinerary because instead of going to Po Lin Village, we ended up riding one roller coaster to another.



From 1,000hkd dinner in Jumbo Kingdom to 39hkd meal in Milk & Milk Restaurant, Hongkong food just made our hungry stomach wanting for more.



We conquered the shopping haven in Mongkok, from high end stores, to the night market, and of course, the thrift shops!


Again, I am a happy broke, unemployed with my savings down to 4 digits, lol! But I couldn’t be more grateful for this wonderful memories spent with these wonderful people in my life; and I couldn’t thank God enough  for making every inch of my dreams possible, indeed, His grace is sufficient enough =)

Do check out my Facebook page tomorrow for more photos =)

 ♥, JL Arnaiz

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Travel Journal

    1. nope.. haha! I really wanted to buy some furs in the thrift shops and they have really stylish coats in there too but my husband stopped me from buying because they are not useful at all in the Philippines =(

      1. lol. true. nothing cool about wearing fur but then have sweat dripping down your temples. hahaha.

        it’s difficult to layer clothes in the philippines. i don’t know how some people do it. or better yet, pull it off.

    1. i totally agree with you.. it would be so crazy to wear boots here in the Philippines even if I really wished to… traveling is a perfect excuse to wear furs and coats and boots! =)

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