Prep Up For Prom

The date has been announced and your guy just asked you to be his date, with a blink of an eye you said yes! Now you are dreaming of that most awaited moment when you can finally transform your boring uniform into a dazzling gown. But are you prepared enough to make your prom night the best ever? Or are you still trapped by the thought that  your godmother will instantly appear before midnight to give you an instant  make over?

Avoid looking like a mess and make a game plan on how you can stand out among the crowd on your prom night. Here are some tips on how to prepare for that big day, after all, prom happens just once in a lifetime.

 Take Care Of Your Skin

You can only shine brighter when your skin glows. Whatever your color is, make sure to have a healthy skin. Don’t forget your sun block 30 minutes before going out and your moisturizers every night before you go to sleep. By all means, protect yourself from the sun and heat so you can have that perfect skin on your date.

skin 1

Be On Your Best Shape 

Do not over diet and look too skinny on your prom night or gain too much pounds to bring off a catchy cleavage. Take everything into proportion, start choosing what you eat, get up, exercise and work out that body you wanted on your prom night at least 2 months ahead.


Your Hair Is The Crowning Glory

If you haven’t had your hair trimmed for months, go to the salon now. Get a revamp and find out what hair style is best for you on that big night. If you go for rebond, do it at least a couple of weeks before the prom unless you want your hair to get really stiff with your forehead sticking out.


Dress Up With Confidence

What you’re wearing makes all the difference and that’s because the first thing people will notice as you walk into the room is your dress. Wear something that speaks for your personality. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good, you can always find cheap prom dresses below $200, just like these amazing gowns from an online dress shop everyone is talking about,

Here are a few of their stunning gowns that you can choose from to make you stand out:

4 56

They ship to almost every corner in the world at a minimum cost, they alter according to your preference, not to mention that they are on promo right now. So grab this opportunity to look fabulous without breaking the bank.

Be The Best Version Of You

Be yourself, and be the best of who you are. Glitches happen no matter how you prepare and sometimes, things just won’t go your way; but that doesn’t make your prom night less perfect. Make it memorable, something that you would love to look back through the years.

♥, JL Arnaiz

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