Take 2

Let’s take a rewind when I wore an emerald coat on top of my ProMod Top and embellished marsala skirt in Hong Kong. So why am I posting this totally the same outfit I posted a month ago? It’s not that I am running out of outfits to post (okay, partly… calling my photographer!), I honestly find it ravaging to put all these photos in the bin and not show you the lovely harbor view in the Avenue of The Stars, or my effort to attempt layering these coats.

So what’s the difference with my post back then and today? There are actually few differences that you can spot on – the genius sunnies, my taupe blazer and the outfit itself without the coat…  And of course, a different setting =) So here’s another take on the same outfit…

b c

ade f  h

Top – ProMod / Skirt – Something Borrowed from Zalora / Boots – Vintage / Brown Blazer – Thrifted / Coat – Thrifted / Bag – Parisian / Sunnies – Park Mall

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