Sunshine In My Window

I can always blame the sunshine for the blurred photos, or thank her for the lovely spectrum it brings into my room (okay, not my room, the hotel room =). But really, I couldn’t be more grateful for the warmth it brings and how it gives drama to my rather plain all- white ensemble this one sunny Sunday at Crown Regency Tower.

Lately, life has been so mean toΒ  me and there were times I wish I can go to the moon if escaping from earth would solve my miseries… If only things work that way then we’ll all be in the moon by now. That makes us earthlings no more, but lunatics! Haha! Now I think going to the moon is a really bad idea.

Depressed (okay, not really) but well- dressed today. But the sunlight in my window reminds me that the challenges I am facing right now are not there to burn me but to make me shine brighter =)


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Dress – APM Mall / Shoes – SoFab / Bag – Kosas Botique / Sunnies – Ziya / Necklace – SM Accessories

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