Hey Mickey

The rage of Mickey Mouse has finally taken its toll on me. Blame it to my little nephew for his infatuation over everything about Mickey. But the sunnies are weirdly awesome in some ways, don’t you think?

Anyway, trend report  says Spring and Summer 2015 will be the year of flared jeans and I was like “Oh no! I just bought this pants 2 months ago and they are going to take this off the grid?” But that doesn’t really mean skinnies will be gone completely,  especially the high-waisted ones. You can bid your low waist skinny jeans goodbye but you better keep the high-rise ones this year because the swinging seventies style is on for some serious revival.

Wait, we’re talking about Mickey here right? So yeah, as I was saying, I am completely under Mickey’s spell today with my sunnies and my cropped top… Wait ’til you see my Minnie head band in red  dotted bow complete with  music and LED lights which I have in my drawer! Lol!


 2 34 56 7 8

Top – The SM Store / Pants – Crissa Jeans / Bag – Ladies Market in Mongkok, Hong Kong / Sunnies – SM Accessories / Shoes – Vintage

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