Venetian Street

A Big Hello all the way from Macau! These photos are actually 2 months old, I haven’t got the chance to post them right away. It’s intentional, no explanations needed =)

Whenever I go for a vacation, I always choose to wear bold colors because color blocking covers up the need for accessorizing. Accessories tend to get lost while catching up with the daily itinerary, not to mention it adds weight to my baggage and possibly gets destroyed in my packed up luggage. So instead of taking my time decking up with these pieces and taking the risk of losing them along the way, I focus on making fashion statement with my wardrobe choices and color combination.

Now that’s my personal tip for you if you want to look chic while on a vacation.


 2A 1A 4 5 6 7

Dress – GTW by The SM Store / Cardigan – Smart Buy by The SM Store / Purse – Parisian / Hat – SM Accessories / Necklace – Vintage / Tights – City Lady / Boots – Vintage

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