Macau Travel Journal

Let’s have a first hand photographic tour of this wonderful city called Macau. It will be my great honor to be your virtual tour guide in a couple of minutes or so and I hope you enjoy the show. Wow, did I just say that? Lol!

Honestly, I can’t show you the real grandeur of this lovely city, we were only there 6 hours or less, but I hope my photos will give justice. As much as we want to stay there overnight and watch the House of Dancing Water Show or spend our whole night at the casino (like I gamble! Haha!), our benefactor cancelled his flight and his Macau trip with us for political reasons. We basically just didn’t have much time to stay longer, and the money for that matter.

We did some hotel hopping though like tourists usually do- from Wynn Hotel, Galaxy Hotel, Venetian Hotel and other hotels around. Of course, tourists like us wouldn’t miss the trail from Senado Square up to the hills where the famous St. Paul Cathedral Ruins stood.

 Wynn Hotel

We were so lucky to arrive in Wynn Hotel and witnessed their lobby show from start to finish. They have this impressive sparkly chandelier and a magical tree that changes colors depicting spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. I can’t contain it with words but believe me, it was really awesome.



St. Paul Cathedral Ruins

I was so amused looking at how amused we are in this photo that I decided to  post it here =)

Seriously, going to the ruins is quite a gastronomic adventure that leaves our tummies happy by the time we arrived to this place. As soon as we passed by Senado Square, free food taste were everywhere, that saved our breakfast, no kidding.


The Galaxy Hotel

The Galaxy Hotel is by far the grandest hotel I have ever seen. Their lobby show is also amazing, it was fancy but it was lovely. I love the theme of their  lobby, and the structure of the hotel  itself speaks nothing less than luxury. The photos below of a scaled down Galaxy Hotel would show you what I’m talking about…


The Venetian Hotel

I always thought that Venetian Canal  in Macau is an outdoor place with anything under the sun but when we went through the Venetian Hotel  lobby and followed our tour guide all the way to the 3rd floor, I was amazed by how this huge spectacle was contained by a non suspecting facade under a big blue sky roof.



I would definitely love to go back to Macau if I have the budget, and if that time comes, I will certainly take more photos, go to more hotels, watch the House of Dancing Water and stay in Galaxy Hotel, and of course, bring home a dozen of yummy egg tarts.

♥, JL Arnaiz

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