The Heat is On

I feel so bad because my photos below are really pixelated but I just couldn’t afford to throw these off to the recycle bin =(

Anyway, I am on for a summer vacay today! Sun is every fashion blogger’s best friend so I won’t mind taking a pose and get burns, ok maybe just scorch a little, just to have these photos taken.

Unfortunately I was facing against the sun and the  photos are really shadowy and dark I have to rely on Adobe to do a serious job for me even if it doesn’t keep up with the quality. Lesson learned, never  go against the  light, Photography 101. Oh! I still can’t get over with the thought, haha!

I find my ensemble pretty weird though. I mean, who would go into the beach in black pumps? Okay, I did… But I was not seriously planning to get into the water so maybe let’s just all agree that I am on for both business and leisure with this look.


DSC_08371-25-2 6DSC_0786 7-2 8-2

Top – Mix n Match / Skirt – Choies / Shoes – Mendez / Hat – Kultura / Sunnies – Ziya

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