Natural Flare

We call this elephant pants during theĀ  early 2000’s. Couple of years ago it was revived and called palazzo pants. Finally this year they stop calling it names and tagged them as they are – wide legged pants or flared trousers.

Like history, fashion repeats itself and I’m so glad to keep this pair of flared trousers because they are bringing everything “flare” back in the mainstream this year. And even if they did not, I will still continue to wear this comfortable piece I have in my closet until it is literally unwearable.

I guess you have to agree with me that this pair of pants is timeless. It gives a taste of elegance in my look and it makes everything else look expensive even if they’re not designer brands at all. At least that’s what I think =)

23 456 78


Top – Maze in Ayala Cebu / Pants – G5 & Company / Heels – Vintage / Bag – Christian Serriano by Payless Phils. / Belt – SM Accessories

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