Beat The Heat

It’s freakin’ warm for over months now and I’m seriously scared with all those “heat stroke” news going around this summer. My photos say otherwise though, haha! Thanks to my sister who didn’t mind taking photos of me while out in the sun. Oh the privileges of having a sister who understands your passion!

Anyway, while everyone prefers white ensembles this summer, I am going the opposite way and wear all black to beat the heat. Can you tell the rebel blood on my veins? Kidding! While I agree that white keeps us cooler during warm days, I also agree that wearing black is another way to get rid of the heat. Do the fact-finding and you’ll certainly find it interesting =)


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Top – The Maze at Ayala Center / Pants – Crissa Jeans / Shoes – Vintage / Bag – Ladies Market in Mongkok, Hong Kong / Sunnies – SM Accessories

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