Coffee Break

I’m not a coffee person but when the weather is too cold and the internet at home is literally unbearable, my only resort is to grab a cup of hot coffee and take advantage of their free WiFi connection from morning ’til dawn. But that’s not the case today. I’m just basically here to do a little window shopping and had my photos taken because I am running out of photos to post, haha!

It was a last minute decision to step out of the door and all my clothes were packed as I was getting ready to move out of my parent’s house, except for these staples which I left in my closet for on-the-spot moments like this. I didn’t have much time to press them, or perm my hair, or put on makeup (except for my lipstick which I did while in the car) so I’m basically a hot mess today, yes, HOT. =)



375  6    48

Top – Vintage / Shorts – Mod Clothing / Wedged Shoes – Vintage / Bag – from Ladies Market, Hong Kong / Sunglasses – SM Accessories / Bonnet – Vintage

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