Winter White in Greenbelt

Manila is my second home especially when it comes to shopping… Nothing could replace Divisoria on top of the list  but Greenbelt is just as stunning as Divisoria, though certainly more upscale and expensive. The last time I was in Divisoria, I was rubbing skin with strangers  just to get into the end of the alley, not to mention crowded streets and the unpleasant views in between. In Greenbelt, those struggles are the least of my priorities, the biggest challenge however is how to fit in my budget, hehe…

Unlike Divisoria, I didn’t have a huge bag full of trinkets with me that I could bring home, but I have these wonderful photos I can share while I was out and in awe at Greenbelt. I was also very lucky to visit the place during which designer Francis Libiran displayed his lovely gown creations worn by models from the recently concluded America’s Next Top Model TV show.

And oh, that plastic peeping out of my bag, that’s my flat shoes. Seriously, I bring those slip ons with me anywhere I go =)



2  3 4 5 6 7

Dress – H & M Divided / Bag – Parisian / Shoes-Vintage / Watch – Dior

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