Video: #PinoyandProud with Jollibee

Back when I was a student, if I have the money I treat myself in Jollibee. Now that I am working, if I don’t have enough money, which is usually the case, I always find myself  in Jollibee. So why Jollibee?

Just like any other pinoys, Jollibee masters my taste and knows my budget so well. It’s like a default resto for every Filipino, and you are not a true blooded Pinoy if you haven’t been able to dine here at least once in your life; no wonder every Filipino abroad always love a sight of Jollibee in the neighborhood, it’s just like a taste of home. And admit it, when you were a kid, Jollibee was once a place to die for.

That is why I couldn’t be happier to be a part of Jollibee’s newest video which came out last Friday together with other CFB and CBS members (a huge thanks to Cebu Fashion Bloggers as well for this great opportunity) Okay, so I was just a couple- of- second moment for me for the whole video, but I really appreciate the bonus effort to have my name and my blog address on it, so sweet! So here it is…


♥, JL Arnaiz

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