JLArnaiz x Handmade Strozzi

I am so thrilled to share with you guys that, finally, I was able to wear the crafts of one of the country’s most promising jewelry designers, Strozzi from Handmade Strozzi!  Yes I did, yes I did! But before I tell you why I was so ecstatic to collaborate with her and wear her incredible work of art, let me show you some photos that the designer herself shoot…

  3 2 6



 So who is this ingenious designer behind these lovely pieces?

Well, she is a graduate of Interior Design from USC hailing from a family whose passion is into crafting jewelry. Strozzi made her way into arts, photography and fashion industry with her natural talent to design and create unique and stylish jewelry made of beads, leather, brass, silver and other metals.

Handmade Strozzi collections made a lot of appearances in some of the acclaimed magazines in the country like Preview, Bride and Breakfast and High Life. Her crafts are all over online blogs, pinterest, lookbook, flickr… to name a few. Now, who wouldn’t be blown away over the opportunity to wear her creations with such credentials?







Get to know more about this very talented designer on the upcoming Preview Magazine August issue and find out how she started, what inspires her creations and how she successfully created a name in the fashion industry. Also check out my upcoming posts this coming months to see more of her crafts and visit her website http://www.strozzistawzeeh.com =)

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