So I heard them say “Sit like a Princess, not like a Frog” and I was like… “Are you talking to me???!” Kidding! =)

Seriously, I wanted to pull off Monica’s signature pose during the finale of ANTM but dude, she’s a pro… No comparison, but I tried, like really hard, lol! Now imagine wearing a full armor on your neck while stretching your legs really wide trying to get those slits on the proper places, the struggle is real… But who would mind when you are wearing a wonderful piece of art from a very talented jewelry designer? Yes, I am talking about Handmade Strozzi.

Here’s a very interesting trivia, the carabao choker I am wearing today was also worn by Manila Luzon, a very known international drag queen based in US. She is a native from Minnesota who has Filipino ancestry. I just feel like we are on the same level now (haha!). So really, who would mind wearing this very heavy piece on my neck?










Top – Thrifted / Skirt – Atmosphere / Shoes – Syrup by People R People / Accessories – Handmade Strozzi

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