It has been predicted that hoodies will go big this Fall along with some other trends, so tell me why should I wait for Fall to wear a hoodie when I can wear them now? It’s not like we have Fall in this country, but seriously, hoodies for me is an all time trend regardless of the season, and location perhaps.

Okay, the real reason I’m wearing this piece right now is not because its going to be “in” next season or something. You see, my husband a.k.a photographer a.k.a fashion critic would usually refuse to take photos if he doesn’t like my outfit (yes, he does it all the time and I have to go through hell convincing him to take shots even if the look is not his type). He used to ask me if I could wear hoodies on jeans and boots like a “freak online gamer” he is. Well, wish granted! And of course I have to use his jacket so he would take unlimited photos of me, lol =)

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Jacket – Guess / Jeans – Crissa Jeans / Boots – SoFab 

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