Where the Palm Trees Grow

So I’ve heard the capital is dreadfully flooded with heavy rain (no, I haven’t watched the news for months now), but it looks just the opposite here in U-B-E-C. Yep, I’m sweating like hell while writing this post now – one of the major factors why my post today says otherwise from my photos last week.

So where do palm trees really grow? Seriously I have no idea, but most probably this place is one of them, lol! I have no guts wearing two piece or anything that would categorize as a swimwear while I was in this lovely resort, so I have to go for a safe summery outfit like this colorful romper. For those who are not so confident with their body, I feel you.

Honestly, you don’t have to wear a bikini to look good in the beach, what are resort wears for, right?









Romper – GG5 / Sunnies – Sunnies / Earrings – Vintage / Bracelet – SM Accessories

5 thoughts on “Where the Palm Trees Grow

      1. well, she’s actually a prince-ss. hahahaha. i know, she looks like a boy a lot of times. and it doesn’t help that i’m not really into putting girly headbands on her. lol. maybe i should.

          1. haha. don’t worry about it. she sometimes looks like a boy, even to me. =)

            you know what excites me the most? dressing her up! hehehe.

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