What Kind of Disney Princess Are You?

I don’t want to be a princess, said no one ever.

If there is one thing Walt Disney taught us, it is for every girl to be their own princess. I had my shares of this splendid dream during my prom days, when I reached the legality stage and when I walked the altar to forever. I’m sure you have a lot of these fairy tale moments to come as well!

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, to say the least, show us that dreams do come true, that adversities in life can make us stronger, and that happy ever after is possible. Conspicuously, Disney Princesses inspire us to be the person we are now, the decisions that we take and the fashion choices we tend to make.

If you are to dress as a Disney Princess, who would you be? Get down cold on these quintessential Disney characters who inspired the fashion industry in a huge way and check out some cheap prom dresses UK  and evening dresses UK suggestions I have for you which I found from edressuk.co.uk, a perfect place where you can make your Disney fantasies a reality.


Are you a true blue Cinderella? How would you want your grandmother dress you during special occasions?



Belle of Beauty and the Beast

If you believe beauty comes from the heart, say Amen to these glowing colors that will surely make you shine inside out.

Jasmine of Aladdin

From her blue mainstream look, Jasmine certainly knows how to make a fashion statement during a gala event by opting to wear red.

8 9

 Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Take a plunge and look cool in the most stylish way with Ariel – inspired gowns.

10 11

Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty

Forget about Maleficent, let Aurora give you a lesson or two on how to look elegant and chic with these soft pink prom dresses.

12 13

Alice in Wonderland

Alice shows us that you don’t need to wear long gowns to look equally amazing in the spotlight. Take her queue with these lovely cocktail dresses that would surely take you to Wonderland.

14 15


No one knows better what royalty is truly all about than Rapunzel.

16 17

Have you chosen your dress yet? If not, check out more awesome gowns at edressuk.co.uk and get to choose a lot of variety from their wedding apparels, prom gowns and special occasion dresses. They have very affordable prices, high quality products and free shipping options.



♥, JL Arnaiz

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