Infinity and Beyond

It’s hard to talk about forever and infinity unless you believe on a higher being, or you acknowledge the science of energy which can never be created nor destroyed, or when you are taking math class dealing of a number greater than any assignable quantity.

 Really, all I wanted to talk about is on how this lovely infinity pool mesmerized me to travel and discover this untamed hideout in the north called “Pangeas”. But instead, I was caught wondering into infinity on how it became infinite and why is there a term called infinite limit if it’s infinite in the first place. I’m seriously beginning to think this subject would lead me to infinity, lol!

Before the idea of infinity torments me infinitely, let me share you these wonderful photos my husband took as he was forcibly obliged to do so as always (one of the cons of having a wife who blogs). The beauty of the place is beyond what these lens can capture (my perfect excuse for the pixelated photos, haha!) Speaking of beauty, I am reminded of this saying “Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the Infinite.”

And so the argument of infinity continues…


dsc_3892-3 dsc_3876-3





dsc_3856-3    Dress and Shorts – APM Mall

Shot at Pangeas Resort, Tayud Liloan, Cebu

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