Books, Glasses and Chocolates

Sem break is over, it’s time to let those books out!

Okay, I’m so over with school and no, I don’t have any plans of going back, ever. I’m done with burning those midnight candles, crying over red marks and memorizing formulas. Five years in the university was more than enough for me. Sure it was a fancy thing to go through, but real lessons are found after you leave the campus.

Anyway, cold days like today call for a cup of hot choco, a sumptuous dessert and a good book to read. The Chocolate Chamber is the perfect place to be. It snuffed out all my lust for chocolates and gives me a romantic vibe as I try to reread “The Love Dare.”

 For some reasons however, this look reminds me of school days – the book, those glasses and chocolates. Yes, chocolates bring me back to those nights when I have to stay awake late night to study for the exams the next day. Black choco and Coke are my pills to stir me up.

You might not need those choco- coke combo yet because classes just got started but maybe you should try it sometime =)

2 3 4 half 5 6 7 half 8


Dress – GG5 / Vest – GG5 / Watch – Dior / Accessories – Accessorize  / Shoes – People R People 

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