I could have played the mermaid, but there was a shortage of outfit choices, so yeah, a nymph won’t be a very bad idea =)

I have this dress for more than 3 years now, those years when mullet was the biggest trend in the fashion industry and everyone was wearing those high and low cut outs like crazy. For some reasons, the trend didn’t really work on me during those years. With all pleasure, my closet took all the advantages of this style hidden for years. Now that I decided to clean my wardrobe, I realized this dress would make a great shot. And why not?

At the right place with the right impression, mullet trend can be as classy as it was during its crowning years. And because following the trend could sometimes be too unimaginative and stereotypical, I decided to bring mullets back from the grave with this nymph inspired look. I keep it extra simple with only a floral head accessory to complement the whole thing and make the background mythical as it should be.

I hope the whole concept works!








Dress – Apartment 8 / Flower Headband – DIY

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