Two of A Kind

 Blogging is never easy, but why do I keep doing it for years? Simply because it’s everything I love – fashion, writing, camera, photography and editing, to name some. It’s like running a one man show, and I guess it works for an introvert like me.

Speaking of editing, I usually do a little overhaul to my photos to enhance colors and  brightness. I have zero lessons on photography and editing but I am constantly learning on my own. Consistently, I use Adobe Lightroom and Photo Impact for this blog; sometimes I also seek help online with Pixlr and Photo Cat.

For this look, I got lucky to have 2 separate photos that would merge seamlessly (with a little cloning touches by Photo Impact), thus my cover photo. Another editing challenge was tinting my lips after I misplaced my lipstick in the car while on the run to take these photos just minutes before the rain was about to rage down to the ground. My lips were as cold as dead when these photos were taken. Being an amateur editor,  I guess I did manage quite well with adding color to my rather pale lips, though seriously if you look at it precisely, it’s like my lower lip is awfully bleeding.

Editing photos is one of the fun things I look forward to when blogging, it’s also one of the few factors that make or break my posts, and I’m definitely amused about how this two in one cover photo came to be. I bet you’ll be seeing more of this editing style in my future posts (hopefully! =)









Top – Thrifted / Cullotes – Thrifted / Sandals – Celine / Bag – Kimbels / Watch – Dior

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