Coffee and Tea

I am all about earth tones today – topaz and bottle green shades, otherwise known as coffee bean and tea leaf in my personal dictionary, hence my logo background.

Did I plan to wear this outfit for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CTBL) Event? Here’s a big fat lie answer, NO. It did not cross my mind that shades of brown and green would literally signify the colors of a coffee bean and a tea leaf. I was not very excited to attend the event because I never wanted a journal anyway, so why would I try to coordinate my wardrobe choices to something I am not very interested about? Ooops! You caught me lying again…

Okay, as childish as it may sound, I did try to associate my OOTD to the CBTL Event which was the Launching of the 2017 Giving Journal. And yes, I was very thrilled about the event. The launching certainly did not disappoint- from the presentation, designing of CBTL cups and christmas cookies to the giveaways, it was absolutely fun and we all had an amazing time chaneling our creativity for a good cause.

If you want to impart about this Giving Journey by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and earn a 2017 Giving Journal to help those in need, it’s not too late for you to start now. Read more about it on my previous post and start collecting stamps every time you visit CBTL.









Vest – GG5 / Dress – APM Mall / Shoes – GG5 / Bag – Christian Seriano by Payless ShoeSource / Necklace – Vintage

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