2016: A Grateful Retrospective


The light where the sky meets the sea is calling and as 2016 dawned on me, I couldn’t wait to run towards the end of the line, embrace the sun and swim my way to the clouds.

But before I get lost in the tempting waves of 2017, let me lay down my anchor and look back to the people and things that made my 2016 blogging an everyday adventure.

I would like to say “thank you” to these crews and passengers who have been on board during my 2016 blogging journey.

My Family, Husband, Friends And Colleagues

 These wonderful people are the oars that keep me blogging despite difficult circumstances.

To my parents who don’t even understand what blogging is but still brags about me for being a blogger, thank you for your support. To my two lovely sisters who know me better than myself, thank you for being my best friends for life.

To my husband, you are the reason why this blog is born, thank you for being such an inspiration and I hope in the future years you won’t budge being my number one fan and photographer.

To my friends, even if we do not see each other more often, it’s always good to know that you have my back no matter. And to my colleagues at work, I maybe hard to deal with most of the time, but you still keep your goodwill, and for that, thank you.

Cebu Fashion Bloggers Family

CFB made my 2016 blogging adventure worthy of its existence. You taught me how to sail into the big online waves and opened tremendous opportunities for me to become a better blogger I am today.

I have learned that blogging is more than just writing a diary about myself and my passion. You guys showed me the outside world of what blogging should be and being a part of this amazing group is one of the greatest things that happened to me this year. Thank you CFB for making my 2016 blogging a success.


 My Followers and Readers

I would like to also thank everyone who never get tired keeping up with my vanity. I don’t have thousands of followers  and I keep my social media circles intimate for some very personal reasons. Despite these limitations, you (yes, you) still clicked that “like” button in Facebook and in Instagram and you still opened another tab for a quick visit to this site. Thank you with all my heart, without you, my blog would be nothing but a sinking ship.

And yes, I will try to make my circle bigger next year, I hope I can also count on you for this.

And yet, there are still a lot more to be thankful for. In retrospect, I have listed below the events, brands and people who made my 2016 such an amazing year!horizontal-line-clipart-zg61u9-clipart

2016, In a Nutshell

For years I have been steering my wheel not realizing I was already spreading myself too thin. I reached my snapping point and realized I was just going around the river.  Personally, things were beyond difficult in 2015 but somehow, the winds of grace and some bright stars helped me go back to my track. I guess I could finally say that 2016 is my year of redemption.

Anyway, scroll down for a run through of the things that made my 2016 a memorable blogging experience with a lot of “first time” captions =)


I always love staying at home, scribbling on my journal, watching TV whole day with a gallon of ice cream to cry and laugh with, and hanging out with my bed until bedtime. But I realized it’s also fun to just step outside the door, meet new people, hang out with the old ones and experience things I am passionate about.

Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life

This is the first event I have attended after being adopted in the CFB Family. It was super cool because I got to see these local icons tell their amazing experiences about leading fun and fearless lives.

Thank you Cosmo for reminding us to dare and live.

(Photo credits to ASAP Advertising and Events) 



3rd ITF Media Launch

This is my first time to attend a media launch and I seeing a lot of media people not just from online but also from local media was overwhelming! The best part (and I’m not going to pretend like this was not the best part) was me winning one of the minor and major raffles!

Thank you Eventology for bringing making our travel itineraries more convenient.


Smart Bro Press Conference

It was an intimate gathering with huge giveaways for press people, graced with the presence of celebrities’ MJ Lastimosa and Christian Bautista for their new Smart Bro Package . That’s how Smart Bro takes care of their guests – just a hint of how they treat their subscribers.

Thank you Smart Bro for constantly upgrading your services.

(Photo credits to Ching Sadaya of www.chingsadaya.com)


PLDT At Home with Regine Show

After the Smart Bro lunch was a wonderful treat with Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez. It was presented by PLDT during which they launched their new products.

Thank you PLDT for the music and entertainment.


Art of Hablon Fashion Show

The first ever fashion show I have attended was cozy and relaxed. It was a fashion show by Dexter Alazas featuring products made of Hablon.

Thank you for the hands that made these crafts and for our very own Dexter Alazas.

(Photo credits to Jean Yu of www.lifeonflavoredrunway.com)


Love and Passementerie Fashion Show

From one fashion show to another, here’s another fashion show I got to attend in Marco Polo Plaza Hotel for Jojo Martinez’ bridal collection. It was dreamy I wanted to get married again, lol!

Thank you Ms Jojo Martinez for such a wonderful night!


“Funny Ka Pare Ko” Set Visit

The powerhouse casts of the sitcom “Funny Ka Pare Ko” shoot their season finale episode in Plantation Bay Resort here in Cebu and I was one of the very lucky ones to get a seat at the lunch table with Karla Estrada, Bayani Agbayani and Jason Cainta.

Thank you CineMo for making our afternoons lighter and more fun.


FIDA Grad Show

And yet another fashion show, Fashion Institute of Design and Arts held a Graduation Show for their talented designers in SM City Cebu. It was like watching Fashion TV but it’s happening right in front of you.

Thank you FIDA for inspiring us that dreams do come true.


Nailaholics Gelish Polish Launch

It felt like getting out of Old Stone Age after realizing the art of Gelish polish. Life would have been easier if only I learned about this breakthrough earlier about getting a polish that would dry in seconds and would last for a month.

Thank you Nailaholics for the best thirty days of my fingers.


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Phils’ 2017 Giving Journal Launching

The Giving Journal Launching by CBTL was one of the most epic events I have attended. It was filled with so much creativity, from making our own Christmas cookies to designing our own disposable coffee cup.

Thank you CBTL for reminding us the value of giving and sharing.


BNY’s Search for the NextGen Ambassador

This was the time I realized that Cebuanos are naturally beautiful (pls no haters, haha!). BNY’s Search for the NextGen Ambassador paved way for 2 Cebuanos to shine in the bigger limelight especially when they became second and third placers respectively during the nationwide final competition.

Thank you BNY for the great opportunities you have provided to every young people who aspire and dream to be someone.


Uber Thanksgiving Dinner

Uber Family is very accommodating, and that made me one loyal customer. Being new in the industry, it was a bit awkward to be in a dinner with people who has been with Uber for quite sometime, but it didn’t really matter who’s new and not because everything just feels so homey.

Thank you Uber for making life and commuting much more convenient.


Abaca Baking Company

I don’t usually blog about food, but ABC just made me think twice after their sumptuous breakfast treat. Thank you Abaca Group for spoiling us and yes, you just made me go and try your other restos.

Upcoming post for this one soon!


Unlimited Voices Press Conference with Jolianne Salvado

Unlimited Voices Concert will be held this January 14, 2017 featuring Morissete, Jona Viray and Arnel Pineda with a special appearance of our very own Jolianne Salvado. The lunch with the press people was very intimate and cordial we get to know the wonderful Jolianne and was serenaded with her amazing voice live (with her mom)!

Thank you Ms. Lara of Verve for giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet this very talented young woman.


Collaborations / Partners

Like I have some legit collaborations, haha! Lol… Anyway, being an infant fish in the savage world of social media, it is truly hard to step up my blogging game especially because I am not a full time blogger but rather an overtime hotelier (I “was” not a very online type of person as well). But my CFB Family paved way to make things possible for me, with the help of some really wonderful people who trust me (and a drop of luck for being in the right place at the right time).


I was so ecstatic after Jollibee released their June 12, 2016 video with me and my fellow bloggers trying out their new and limited products. Though I don’t usually have the upfront charms, it was such a one of a kind experience for me to just see myself and have my name on the video.

Thank you Jollibee for giving us a taste of home everywhere we might be in this planet.


Handmade Strozzi

For years, I have been dying to be one of the muses of Handmade Strozzi. I am not a very big fan of extravagant accessories, but it is my guilty pleasure to wear them altogether. Strozzi was like my young godmother turning my fascination on her handmade creations into reality.

Thank you Strozzi for believing in me, and thank you for being a friend.




I don’t wear a lot of make up, I don’t even wear foundation most of the time. And why should I? Flawless keeps me naturally fabulous! Okay, I think I sound so commercial. What I’m trying to say is that I am confident to pal around and step out of the house without heavy make up on because Flawless is taking care of my basic beauty needs.

Thank you Flawless for giving me the confidence I need.


I would also like to mention these brands that made my 2016 blogging an accomplishment:

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon

My eye lashes will never be the same, thank you Hey Sugar! (Stay tune for my post about this soon!)


Healing Point Massage

My new to- go place to relax is just a few steps away from work.


M. Wilson Salon and Spa

My budget- friendly choice for polish and hair styling needs.



Being recognized as a finalist for Best Style Blog in Cebu is one happy pill that I would always cherish in my blogging career.


There’s just no telling how far we’ll go next year, but before we set sail to a new adventure, allow me to give everyone of you a big hug for making my 2016 a truly wonderful year!

♥, JL Arnaiz

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