Plus63 Music Festival 2017 Guides and Tips

Here’s your ticket to the ultimate party experience of the year – a music and arts festival with no less than Steve Aoki, the highest grossing dance artist in North America from tours!

Presented by Plus63 Festival, Steve Aoki and other renowned artists will rock the city this Sinulog weekend, January 14 and 15, 2017, for a party like no other in Cebu Business Park grounds. Are you going gaga yet? If Steve Aoki alone is not enough for you to party  this weekend (like seriously?), well here’s a bunch of reasons for you to get your self out of the routine and get lost in the music.


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Know you ins and outs during festival:


You may visit their official Facebook Page for more details.


NOw let’s talk about how you can join the biggest part in Cebu yet: securing your pass. The tickets can be purchased online at For payment options, you can either use your credit card or pay over the counter. The last day of online purchase will be on Friday the Thirteenth, January 2017.

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Wristband Information

Your ticket to the festival is this RFID Wristband. It’s loadable so you can use this as your digital wallet within the festival grounds to buy food, drinks and other items. This is why it’s very important for you to know how this works and it’s more important for you to always wear it during the festival.

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You may also visit their website for more info.


With all these exciting activities all lined up, and with your favorite DJ’s on the list, I’m sure you all are overwhelmed to party. But not too fast! If you go to this festival, be prepared to party like a pro! Here are some suggested handy tips for you before you go to the festival from Plus63’s Facebook Page:


Visit their page for more #protips.

And lastly, check on my Facebook / Instagram tomorrow for some big announcements!

♥, JL Arnaiz

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