Nerdy Chic

For the nth time, I am wearing an all black ensemble and you’ll certainly expect me to go on and on as long as this blog exists. What’s with an all black look that makes me such a huge fan to it?

Black is never boring. Because black is black, everyone tries to distinguish one look from another, and that’s probably why most unique and amazing designs come in black.

Black is elegant. Wearing this color would elevate sophistication and exquisiteness to your semblance compared to fancy colors.

Black is universal. You can trust an all black ensemble to achieve the genre you want to achieve with your look – whether it’s in the red carpet, on the street, or at work.

And if you ask me, I think black on black is much better than white on white, though personally they are both amazing combos.




6 7



Top – Cotton On / Pants – Crissa Jeans / Shoes – SoFab / Bag –AK / Necklace – Handmade Strozzi

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