Here’s my take to one of the women’s fashion staples, the Little White Dress.

While my closet is spilling with LBD and nada with LRD, this one is my sole LWD up to date and this is the only Little White Dress to ever make it out in my closet for the longest time. Yes, this dress is 2 years old and I only got the chance to wear it once, that was October 2016. So you can tell, these photos are stockpiles from last year and most probably, this dress won’t fit me now.

So how do you wear LWD? Definitely not after Labor Day, and most certainly not on a wedding occasion unless you are the bride or otherwise requested. My husband is not a very big fan of white- on- white ensemble, nor LWD technically, because personally he thinks wearing an all- white look is for christening events. So I guess it’s safe to say the most appropriate time to wear a white dress is when you attend a baptismal rite.

LWD and all white look are also best for cocktail parties and debuts. I wear this one during my friend’s debut because etiquette- wise, the debutant should stand out with her finest color and the crowd should downplay and reserve the spotlight to the one celebrating the legality.

So if you are heading to a debut anytime soon, make sure to have an LWD ready =)





dsc_0272 dsc_0232


Dress – LBotique Shoes – SoFab / Clutch – SM Department Store / Necklace – Handmade Strozzi

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