Ode To Lent

I am so done with ballads and sonnets after I learned about blogging. My songs and odes are now manifested in clothes and looks rather than pen and papers. And nope, I am not caught in the digital necromancy and progression, it’s just that blogging these busy days is much more convenient than counting words for a perfect sonnet piece, right? =)

In laud for next week’s season of lent, I am preparing a look as far as the occasion is concerned. Ah yes, I am talking about my graphic skirt. I got this piece more than 3 years ago in a thrift store and it somehow reminds me of that scene in the bible when Veronica wiped the blood and sweat of Jesus with her veil on her way to Calvary. It was known that the image of Jesus was imprinted on the cloth. In fact, the whole picture made it to the Sixth Station of the Cross. Well, it seems like the veil of Veronica is just tucked in my closet all along.

Anyway, in the spirit of the season, this is my ode to Lent in photos…











Top – Vintage / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes – Parkmall / Bag – Lazada at http://www.lazada.com / Necklace – from Flawless / Watch – Vintage



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