The Vainyard x HGHR

Here’s another collaboration that I am so excited to share with all of you…

 The Vainyard is happy to announce its partnership with one of the proud Cebuano Clothing Brands (drum rolls please =) – HGHR Clothing or The Higher Class. The Higher Class started around 2012 inspired by cannabis culture and productive lifestyle. The idea of the brand is to share a common consciousness and unite subcultures within one platform.

The aesthetic of the designs is to be creative, minimal and witty with subliminal messages. Their current merchandise includes t-shirts and hat and at the moment, they are working on releasing new products.

The Higher Class is one of my favorite local brands when it comes to comfort and quality. Sadly, when people talk about local varieties, they would casually think of meager merchandise and déclassé brands which is a total misconception. But seriously, whoever thought local brands are crappy either has a really bad taste or just doesn’t care enough.

Anyway, as part of The Higher Class family, I am sharing with you a common consciousness by wearing this joint project tee with @futureleader and HGHR.

The time is now, let’s support local brands share the HGHR culture. For more designs, visit HGHR Facebook Page here.

♥, JL Arnaiz

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