The Pyramid Cebu: A Sneak Peek

I think I will be switching full time to food blogging, lol! Seriously, haha! No seriously, taking photos of food is genuinely an achievement, and the architecture of the cafe is more than a bonus it is like a paradise for me. So you could just imagine how ecstatic I was to be one of the few to get a sneak peek at the hippest place yet to open in the city, The Pyramid.

I know everyone is so excited to step foot and discover the Louvre of Cebu, but honestly, there’s more to it than just a sight of that perfect triangle poking at you from behind the tarps while you’re in IT Park. Scroll over and check out why the hype about The Pyramid is more than real…


This is what you see from outside, that huge triangle structure standing proud like the Louvre Museum in Paris. But at night fall, it magically transforms into a triptych- like firefly lighting up the whole place.


Inside The Pyramid is a bunch of everything you need – as a diner, as a fashion and design enthusiast or as a corporate person. Inside you will see modern minimalist designs from the walls to the furniture. They have a cozy wine area just across the entrance and on the mezzanine floor, you will find separate rooms perfect for small gatherings and meetings.


This is what I’m talking about.

From the preparation to presentation to taste, the food is nothing short of a delightful treat to every guest. They not only have instagram- worthy meals, they are also a bliss to your appetite. Here are some of the menus that you should try out.

Here’s the best part for budget conscious people like me- they don’t have that fine dining price tags that would dent your pocket. Yes, they are just as affordable as any restos in the city. Just because they look exquisite and dainty doesn’t mean they could break a bank.

You can check out their Facebook Page to know more about The Pyramid.

So when they say this is all hype, I say wait for it to open and check it out yourself.

♥, JL Arnaiz


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