C’est La Vie

Summer season is officially over, at least that’s what we all know about the climate in our country. So give me this moment to booze for all those failed vacations, cancelled leaves and vain anticipation as I kiss goodbye to the fiery sun and greet a reluctant hello to the rainy days. Oh well, c’est la vie as they say =)

Honestly as of this writing, I am sweating to the nth degree like it’s the peak of summer, but you can’t always trust a bipolar weather like what we have here. As long as the season sticks to its tradition, you won’t be seeing a lot of outdoor photos from me anytime soon.

To kick off, here’s a post of something indoor in prospect to the slushy weather. More like a tourist attraction rather than a resto, La Vie Parisienne is a very prominent place people love to go while in Cebu to get picturesque urban setup.  I am a sucker to such places. So here I am, with my Forever21 jumpsuit under a vintage gray skirt, striking a pose, as I try to contain all those little mixed emotions into these photos…

Top – Forever21 / Skirt – GG5 and Co. / Shoes – Celine / Belt – Vintage



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