They say when in doubt, wear red. So when you’re in a really deep doubt, is it wiser to wear a vermilion dress? =)

Anyway, I’m back! It’s very unlikely for me to leave my blog unstirred for almost 3 weeks. I was so busy the past few weeks about some personal stuffs I didn’t even realize I have a blog, kidding =)

Every time I have a shopping card or a gift certificate, my hand tickles endlessly until the last cent of the card is spent. So when I received an H & M shopping card, I just dropped it all in an instant. This bright red dress I rallied in Terazzas de Floras is one of the results from my shopping hysteria. No regrets however, this dress is one of my to- go pieces when I am at gunpoint because it’s comfortable, easy to wear and it doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing (the print does it all).

I didn’t expect to wear this dress on a floral garden but for some reasons, the combo worked just fine. I initially pictured this dress to pop out on a gloomy, all- gray street, but this “Secret Garden” concept made the outfit seasonably right for summer =)

Dress – H & M / Shoes – So Fab / Bag – Lazada / Necklace – Vintage

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