13 Reasons Why I Use Grab

Who’s ready to win Php 50,000? I am. Grab, in partnership with Traveloka, is giving out Php 50,000 credits when you use the promo code GRABTRAVELOKA from today until July 7, 2017. How exciting is that?

Just one of the hundred perks why I use Grab =) Anyway, let me share with you the top “13 reasons why” I switched lately to Grab:

1. I can choose a taxi or a car or even a bike

When I feel like wanting a super comfortable ride, I can choose a car, but when I am on a really tight budget, there’s taxi as an option. Just recently, I heard about Cebu having Grab bikes soon and I can just picture out my recent trip from Saigon how Grab bikes are a thing in the place. I really hope it’s going to be sooner.

2. Minimal waiting time for pick up

Because there is a legion of Grab drivers around, the average waiting time for me from my pick up point is about 5 minutes or less. Thanks to the many drivers who prefer Grab, I can easily get a car from my location especially when I am running late for work.

3. I can earn points

I believe that rewards system is a very significant thing to keep the loyalty of a passengers and it certainly works for me.

4. I can save more money

Taxis don’t give me promo codes so I can get discounts off my fare, in fact, others rip me off by going around the circles or refusing to give change when I have a bill. I’m so over with such scam now that I switched to Grab. In fact, it’s more expensive nowadays to take a taxi because I can’t trust the meter and I always have to pay in full. Grab has promos every now and then, sometimes I end up paying nothing; not to mention they also have fixed rates regardless the traffic.

5. More payment options

Those moments when payday seems so far away and I could not trust my cash to make it through another cut, I always lean on my credit card to save me.

6. It gives me an extra stop option

When I need to pick up my lunch or drop off a friend along the way, it would be easier for me to do just that with the newest feature of Grab where I can add an extra stop to my ride.

7. Grab has in-app messaging system

No load? No worries! I can always send a message to the driver with GrabChat.

8. More freebies

An ordinary taxi or a jeepney can’t let me earn discounts and freebies from other establishments unlike Grab. Every now and then, they have really cool promos like getting a free chizza from KFC, 50% off on some hotels or a discounted price for a coffee in Bo’s Coffee. They also have tie ups with Agoda and other stores that let us win exciting prizes. The one I just said on top is another promo to look forward to =)

9. Grab is ISO certified

Because they are internationally compliant, I can trust to have a quality service from customer- service oriented drivers to clean cars and safe delivery.

10. I can save more time

Gone are the days when I have to queue for hours to get a taxi while at the mall or during peak seasons. Because Grab Car is a personalized service, I can always steer away from the long lines.

11. It’s more convenient

From my house, I used to walk 8 minutes to the main highway before I can get a ride. Well, I don’t need a chauffeur to do that nowadays because of Grab.

12. I can’t get lost in strange places

Remember those days when we are new to the place and we ride a taxi trusting it would bring us to the place where we should be, only to find out the driver doesn’t know your place of destination? How frustrating it was to keep on asking random people from the street walk for directions especially when they don’t speak your language.

13. I feel secured

It’s a huge comfort know the name of the driver and the plate number of the car with all the extra details of the ride.  Back when I used metered taxis, I became paranoid with suspicious drivers I don’t even know their names, I have to take note of the plate number and send an sms message to my husband for the record. Now, not only do I feel safe using Grab, I also have the chance to retrieve my left items which happens 5 out of my 10 rides (I can’t trust my memories nowdays =)

And the list goes on…

I am also very excited to know more about what’s new and what’s next for Grab, maybe pooling next time in Cebu? Hehe =)

♥, JL Arnaiz

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