“Cebu Fashion Bloggers” Has Reached Another Milestone

The Cebu Fashion Bloggers (CFB) community just celebrated its 8th year on July 17, 2017 and I am so blessed to be a part of this growing family online.

Our simple celebration was intimate but fun – good food, great ambiance, lovely company and a lot of whoppee photoshoots! Being one of the newest members of CFB for merely over a year now, I couldn’t be more proud to be one of these cozy folks who continuously help me with my social media life.

  Kudos to these people who made this dinner date extraordinary:

Venue: Cicada at Circa 1900

Table Setup: Cuckoo Cloud Concepts

Tables: T&C Rental and Event Services

Calligraphy on Place Cards: Charmaine Pia Tan

And to my fellow gorgeous bloggers in CFB Family, thank you so much!

Marco Paulo Diala – http://countocram.com | http://lamikaayo.com

Doyzkie Buenaviaje – http://www.iLuvCebu.com/ | www.Doyzkie.com

Toni Pino-Oca – http://www.perfumedredshoes.com/

Jean Yu – http://www.lifeonaflavoredrunway.com/

Issa – http://www.issaplease.com

Alexa – http://www.iamalexa.biz/

Kristine Gianna Roa – http://www.theglamarazzi.com and http://www.thestylecebu.com

Kathrynn Dawn Sy – www.kdawnsy.blogspot.com


Gizelle – www.gizellefaye.com

Sweet Aurestelle Veloso-Selma – http://www.mypensandlens.com

Vanessa  https://www.vanessaeast.blogspot.com

Katrina Enrera – https://keiseeeinthecity.wordpress.com/

Jesse Jake Daan – http://www.jessejake.com/

Sophia Grace Sanchez – http://www.iamsophiasanchez.com/

Alexine Sadaya – http://www.chingsadaya.com/

Ronah Frances A. Bengil – http://rondoesthings.com

Mariana Varela –  lineamariana.blogspot.com

Photo credits to these gang =)

My CFB Journey

I was not really into social media. Back then, I didn’t know what engagement means, nor SEO (even until now =), followers and other related stuffs. I was blogging for almost 5 years now for the love of style and fashion. My existing Facebook account is roughly 2 years old and my Instagram is just a year old.

They say almost every person, especially women, in this planet blogs. So how did I became the blogger I am now? (But not really the blogger everyone expects though, hehe)

After my depression on 2015, I seriously wanted to go out and be part of a group. I joined a few organizations who share the same passion with me about life in general. I switched jobs and started to do things differently. Early 2016, I came across an FB ad of Cebu Fashion Bloggers accepting new applicants. I applied without any expectations nor knowledge on what it’s like to be a CFB.

On May 2016, I officially became a member of Cebu Fashion Bloggers. I was so ecstatic about it. A lot of opportunities opened up for me and I begin to see the beauty and the ugly truth of social media. I also met a lot of wonderful people along the way and get to be more socially involved in the real community.

Join Us Now

Be part of Cebu Fashion Bloggers, an organization dedicated to help today’s bloggers become competent, responsible and trustworthy social media influencers.


1. Actively blogging for at least 6 months
2. Has published a minimum of one style post for the past six months
3. Quality Content
4. Must not be a member of any other blogging community
5. Must be a Cebu-based blogger
6. 18 years old and above

Check out our CFB Facebook Page or visit our website.


♥, JL Arnaiz

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