Name Dropping

Who loves to shop online? Well I do…

Let me walk you through my online shopping dilemmas and preferences today and hopefully I can help you choose wisely where to shop  on the other side of the world – the digital world that is =)

International Online Shops

Rose Wholesale and Ali Express

This is where I used to go when it comes to international online fashion shops. They really have cheap items like a dress worth only a hundred pesos. So what’s with the past tense? Two reasons:

First, shipping would cost more than twice the item you purchase. A dress worth Php 100 plus an express shipping fee of Php 300 or more. Unless you shop in bulk, then it wouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, if you wish for a regular shipping, be prepared to wait 1 to 3 months, plus the hassle of going through the postal office, the fees and the slight chances that they can’t find your item right away with all those packages on their warehouse piled like donation boxes. Definitely not for someone who does not have the virtue  of patience like me.

Second, with the price range you’re getting, you can’t expect a high quality dress fit for that red carpet occasion. So here comes the “expectation vs. reality” point when what you see online is not what you get on hand. But it’s not always the case though, unless you are a very unlucky person.

This usually happens when you go for wholesale affordable online shopping websites. So when you do the online shopping outside the country, never settle for less if you want to get the quality you want.

Local Online Shops

Lazada Philippines

Lazada is a little bit of everything. This is where I usually go when I’m on tight budget. It is a one stop shop online where I can get all the stuffs I need from housing material, decors, fashion and gadgets.

When it comes to fashion, Lazada also has a lot of options because aside from the local goods, they also partnered with international shopping websites so there is definitely no need for you to pay for extra shipping fees.


Here’s another cheaper version of Lazada, except that sometimes, you can’t tell if the clothes they’re selling is actually pre-loved or brand new at first glance. The downside of Shopee is that you need to pay shipping fees separately for each item if your items have different sellers, so you end up paying more however cheap their products maybe.


One of my favorite online shopping destination, Zalora ships in an instant. They have a wide variety of stylish items and brands and, what is you see online is what you really get. Price wise, it’s not as cheap as Shoppee, but when you bank on quality, Zalora will certainly not disappoint.

So there you go, weigh in whichever you think might fit in to your online shopping needs and drop a comment below if there’s anything you think would be on my list =)


♥, JL Arnaiz

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