Preview to Gibbs’ Hot Wings Newest Menu Additions this October

One of Cebu’s premier Chicken Wings Destination, Gibbs’ Hot Wings, is celebrating its annual month long anniversary and they’re in for some sumptuous treats and new offerings that would definitely make you forget about chicken wings at all.

Gibbs’ will be serving 5 new menus at the table starting October 1, 2017 (yes, that’s tommorow!) in addition to their Oktoberfest deals which is only P 499 for 2 mugs of a liter of beer and an order of Gibbs’ Hot wings. Burp!

Okay, before we get sober, here is a sneak peek on the new dishes you can enjoy starting October. Read along and find out my personal favorites too!

Pulled Pork Tacos

Slow cooked pork tenderized for over 5 hours, this appetizer is pulled and served with Gibbs’ very own glaze on a soft taco shell topped with fresh greens. Each serving comes with 3 handful wraps.

And when I say handful, I mean really stuffed. In fact, I could not finish one wrap in a single meal, unless you hand me a beer. I would personally recommend this menu on a pulutan, it’s spicy, it’s pulled pork and it’s best paired with SMB.

Sausage Mac and Cheese

A hefty, tummy filling serving of Mac and Cheese served with sausage will certainly satisfy your cheesy cravings with 5 varieties of cheeses melt together.

I am not a freak of mac and cheese but I love cheese, so when I learned this new menu has 5 cheeses altogether, you bet I became an instant fan.

Spicy Adobo Wings

A Pinoy take on chicken wings, this new offering gives a little hint of spice which took years to perfect the essential Cebuano tasting adobo.

So this is not as spicy as the tacos but this definitely redefined chicken wings especially for us Filipinos who are always looking for home-cooked meals.

Juicy Lucy Burger Steak

Own made tender, juicy beef patties, Gibbs’ Juicy Lucy is served with scoops of skin-on mashed potatoes topped with their own house mushroom gravy and a blast of cheese on the center of the steak.

This is my favorite. I mean, who serve beef patties with cheese on the inside here in Cebu? And who would have thought burger steak and mashed potatoes are perfectly meant to be? I personally say this one is a must try.

Orea Ala Mode

Gibbs’ newest dessert, orea ala mode, has deep fried oreos covered in awesome creamy batter served with thick vanilla ice cream and topped with choco syrup.

So does this mean brownies are out, oreos are in?

And for the special mention… Hands down to their newest drink which will be launched alongside with these 5 new menus, the Pomelo – Grape Coolers! This drink is perfect for my taste buds and I mean with no exaggeration, this one is my latest pill.

As a budget conscious person, I am also happy to say their menus certainly don’t break a bank. One serving would cost around P 180.00 – P 280.00.

And lastly, I’m not sure if I am allowed to disclose this but I am just so excited, lol! Gibbs’ will be opening a new branch soon and it’s going to be in IT Park! I can’t wait for it to open 24/7! Yaaay! See? I get so excited again =)

GibbsHot Wings is located in the 2nd Floor, Streetscape Mall, Paseo Saturnino Street, Cebu City. They are open from 11:00AM – 2:00PM, 5:30PM – 10:00PM. You may visit their Facebook Page or you may contact this number, 0922 642 4888, for inquiries.
♥, JL Arnaiz

3 thoughts on “Preview to Gibbs’ Hot Wings Newest Menu Additions this October

  1. i have happy memories there. 🙂 glad business is doing good and they’re expanding. the husband/owner was such a great host who really took the time to chat with the customers. made the dining experience so much more warm and homey. (this was when they had their restaurant in their house in banilad. is it still there ba?)

    1. Yes, the owner is very accommodating and he does great PR ☺ Will tell him about your great experience next time I see him.. Not sure about their house turned restaurant but currently, the resto is still in banilad, in a commercial building though… ☺ Missing Filipino food na? Hehe

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