I’m thinking maybe I could get a pet horse this year, and then I realize I couldn’t even afford to get a dog, lol =)

I’ve been so busy for a couple of months now I was not able to spare some time to write or have some photos taken, oh the hustle and bustle of the holiday season just right before the biggest festivity in the city and I just so happen to be in the hospitality industry!

With all this holocaust around, I just wanted to go right back to those days when I was totally unplugged from the urban jungle. This memory serves me just right. Away from the long queus at the front desk, discriminating guests who shouts at you because you are “just” a receptionist, and the corruption of the corporate world, these photos brought me to the time when all I have to worry is how to make this cutie go to the beach without freaking out.

So now I’m sharing my little piece of serenity with my new friend, Stardust, hoping it would also remind you that piece of your subtle memories away from the pounding and the grinding of the city life.

Dress – Parkmall / Sandals – Emporium / Bracelet – Pacific Square Mall 

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