Vivid Horizons

Did you know that I fell to the waters while shooting these photos? Which made me realize I am no fit for audacious poses like seating on the edge of a mountain or standing on the brink of a high storey building as usually seen with travel bloggers.

And did you know that on the other side of this photo were cottages filled with island hoppers? Instantly, they became my audience when I fell right under the water with this fancy dress. It was quite a show and I hope they didn’t catch it on video =)

So here’s my summer story with a maxi open back dress gearing towards marshmallow skies on a mid day while on an island one hour away from the shore line. Why did I got myself here? Well, basically to get these photos, lol! Or because Cebu Fashion Bloggers forced us to submit a summer photo for our social media handle? Haha! Partly…

Seriously, I haven’t been out to the neighboring islands for years now and heck, I live in a country with over seven thousand islands! Because it’s summer and I happen to live in an island filled with pristine waters and fine white sands, I just have to discover my little world and go out to the sun for a while, just like everybody else.

So, what’s your summer story? Hope it’s not as boring as mine, haha! =)


Dress – Mimosa / Shot in Pandanon Island

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