You have a Coca Cola body, in can.

You should go to the gym.

Your cellulites are waving hello.

You should tuck in big time and hold your breath as long as you can.

Your butt falls flat, literally.

When you think of body shaming, you might abruptly picture out a plus size body in an itsy bitsy tinny winny suit. The misconception that you look great because you are skinny is a hundred and one percent not true at all.

Did you know that these photos almost ended up in my trash bin? What could go wrong with being under the warm sun along with perfect blue water and white sands between my toes? Nothing… Until somebody wakes me up to the reality that I am just a skinny little monkey with a round bod who needs to hit the gym just like how every lifestyle and fashion blogger should be. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t call these feedbacks ‘body shaming’, but constructive criticisms.

To be honest, I haven’t been to the gym my entire life. My only constant exercise is sex, haha! Lol! And yes, I don’t have an hour glass bod. Unlike Ashley Graham who is known for her plus size torso with a seemingly seamless figure, I happen to be the opposite skinny version in a round bod with serious bumps on my tummy.

Can I stop my body from ageing? I don’t think so. Can I remove those crazy cellulites and fats? Maybe if I have a gold reservoir. Can I have tell my myoma to stop growing because it’s showing? I am yet to figure out.¬†But yes, I can go to the gym, stop eating fries, get rid of chocolates and maybe go to yoga. But that also means cutting my 10 hours sleep, missing my desserts and skipping my “me” time.

So what exactly am I trying to imply by waving the banner of body positivity when I can do better? I’m talking about¬† accepting the things we cannot change and be comfortable with our own body the way we groomed it to be without compromising the things that make us happy and who we are, without compromising our health. I’m talking about being confident with our body and understanding it so we know just what to do and wear to look better.

So if you are thinking twice to get out and wear those bikinis this summer, don’t be. Just let your personality speak on what you wear, not your insecurities.


Swimwear – Emporium / Hat – Yoyoso / Sunnies – Brand Central

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