Summer Destination: Badian Island Wellness Resort

Summer is all about salt, beach and sun. It is the time when our feet is itching to feel the sands between our toes while we are facing the computer waiting for our eight hour job to finish so we can pack our onesies and get a break. With so many summer destinations on a tropical country like us, we almost find it hard to decide where to go really. Some resorts can be overrated, while others can really get crowded. Some places can be really perfect but often, it’s more than a 3 hour drive from the city; while others need more than 30 minutes boat ride to get there.

Couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to experience a different kind of summer vibes in a very secluded island in Badian. Away from the concrete jungle and digital convenience, we learned to survive one night without wifi and cable TV, and enjoyed real natural beauty instead.

More than 2 hours drive from the city and a 5 minute speed boat ride, we arrived in a private island called Badian Island Wellness Resort. It was raining all day when it was supposed to be one hot summer. When sun is every blogger’s best friend, you could just imagine how heartbroken I was even before the rain came. Just watching the gloomy skies on our way to the resort made my heart sink to rock bottom.

But how can I complain when we were accommodated in a very large suite overlooking the calm sea? While waiting for the rain to stop I kept myself busy and enjoyed a hot bath in the tub, watching the sky and hoping it would soon clear up. And when it finally did, I couldn’t get my hands off from my camera, blogger duties! Lol =)

I got to experience the exhibit of clouds after a heavy rain all night (yes, it was raining the whole night as well) and it was like the sky was dancing as I woke up. Watching this beauty reminded me of Katy Perry’s Eye of the Tiger and yes, I could just probably grab a Flintstones inspired suit and play the Jane of Tarzan, thankfully that garb was not available.

Other things we loved while in this island is their food. Their huge nipa resto has sumptous meals available all day, and they have wifi in there too, thanks goodness finally! Their resto also has a lovely view of the pool sitting on top of the island. At night time, their local crews entertain diners with a series of local dance like Tinikling. It was a cultural show that probably lasted for 20 minutes and it truly felt like I was back to the early 90’s of my life.

Other notable amenities in the island include a floating gaming bar, spa and massage, and a man made falls called Thalasso Falls.

Badian has one of the most beautiful beaches in Cebu. Lambug Beach is known for its fine white sands, and Badian Island Wellness Resort is no different. Even at low tide, and even right after the rain, the beach looks summer as it is. It has a huge shoreline not just with fine sands but with green trimmed grasses we could just set up a tent and stay there overnight if we didn’t have a room.

With so many overrated summer destination this season, I would still prefer a place that I could relax, somewhere with less crowd, and a beautiful scenery that would truly embody what summer is all about. And I guess this is exactly what I envisioned my summer break would be, in Badian Island Wellness Resort.


Badian Island Wellness Resort





♥, JL Arnaiz




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