Charcoal Boy Is Now In Parkmall

Just when I thought I am Charcoal Boy‘s number one fan, some step up their game to be Charcoal Boy‘s franchiser, lol!

Charcoal Boy is originally from Ilo- Ilo serving grilled, baked and barbeque meals. Their first restaurant in Cebu opened just a year ago and since then, they became widely known for their oyster craze in the city. To date, they have 4 stores all over the Queen City of the South:

(1) the main restaurant in Mahogany Place, Mabolo, Cebu City, 

(2) Tambayan sa Pardo in Southern Cebu,

(3) Alfresco Mactan Newtown in Lapulapu City,

and the newest store which is opening this Friday, May 11, 2018, (4) Charcoal Boy in Parkmall, Mandaue City.

Oh yes, Charcoal Boy will be serving oyster goodness just 5 minutes from my home, in Parkmall. Now you know why I am all smiles in the photos, haha! So let’s talk why I am so crazy about this resto and why you should be as well…

There are 3 basic reasons why you should visit Charcoal Boy, so read along…

Charcoal Boy is very affordable

If you have been reading my blog, you would certainly know that price tag is a very big deal for me. I am the kind of person who would tell you in the face that I don’t have a single cent on my pocket, but the truth is I have a hundred thousand on my wallet, lol! Seriously though, Charcoal Boy gives you the luxury of oyster indulgence without breaking a bank. Their price ranges from P 88 – P 365 for every meal. The best part is, they have combo meals in which you can get 8 pieces of oysters for only P 135, beat that!


Savory and Worth the Price

My husband, who is my exact opposite, would prefer high end and upscale restos because of the common perception that tastier food comes with a higher tag. Fortunately, with just a hundred pesos, you can get the exact same quality (or even more) with those from overpriced cafes. I splurge when it comes to seafood and believe me, these oysters on my table, especially the baked ones with cheese and garlic, taste as good as the oysters with a hefty tag of P 500 from somewhere.

They Have More Varieties of Oysters and They Serve Other Meals Too

My favorite which I’m sure you know by now, is the baked oyster with cheese and garlic. They also have hot chili oysters (really spicy), crispy fried oysters, rockefeller (with spinach) and steamed ones.

Charcoal Boy doesn’t want to bore you with oysters so they offer other meals which include chicken, liempo, sisig, lechon kawali, squid, shrimp and a lot more.

Okay, maybe I should add a 4th reason, which is, Charcoal Boy is very accessible and convenient. You won’t have to rape Waze or walk from one end to another to get there.

Charcoal Boy is my saving grace from fast food, with just the same value for the money, I can get real food in no time.

Follow Charcoal Boy in Facebook and stay updated on their latest promos and events and make sure to drop by at their newest store in Parkmall Mandaue this Friday =)


♥, JL Arnaiz

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