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Our hair is our crowning glory. Drastic changes and special occasions often calls for a new hairdo. We change our hair color because we celebrate good times, we curl them because we are attending a party, and then we perm them real straight because we are going to travel abroad with our besties.

You see, our hair is a fashion statement that personally speaks of who we are and what we want. And just like fashion, hair styles take into different trends and textures. So while we were so obsessed of Gigi Hadid’s braided ponytail last year, Amandla Stenberg stood up and dropped the next big hair trend this year when she put on her crochet hair playing the adorable Amanda in the movie Everything, Everything.

So if you think you might just need a new look without shaving your hair, then I might just be the fairy godmother you are looking for.  Let me give you a feast of wigs and synthetic hair that gives you just the look you want to achieve.


I am always a fan of wigs and extensions because it allows me to keep my hair just the way it is without doing something I might regret later. At the moment I have a short bob hair wig and a couple of synthetic hair fringes on my cabinet. And just like how this story goes, I am about to get one of those fancy crochet hair from Divatress in no time.

And here’s the thing, why do crochet haired girls often get the cute guys? I mean look at Amanda of Everything, Everything and Meg Murry from A Wrinkle In Time? Lol!

Anyway, here are my top three braided hair styles I am so in love with at the moment:

You have to agree with me, these braids are as natural as it looks. How about you? Have you chosen your perfect braid style yet?



♥, JL Arnaiz

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