Spring After Summer

After spring comes summer. I know it’s weird when they swap chairs but I can’t help it, that’s just exactly what’s happening here. After the fiery sunny summer comes the gentle (and sometimes ungentle) showers of June.

I guess tropical countries like mine follow the same pattern, spring – summer – spring. It’s scary everytime I go out this month and see the gloomy sky, especially during my days off. And it is a relief to feel the heat piercing through my skin.

These photos were taken after a heavy rain. It was a very gloomy day we had to brave the storm as we rode a speed jet to this island. I was desperate for the sun. I mean, who would bring onesies on her bag for nothing?

Fortunately, the sun showed up past 3pm for less than an hour and I was able to get a few decent shots of this spring inspired suit before it rained again.

To make myself clear, I have nothing against the rain. In fact I sometimes I prefer walking in the rain than sweat in heat. But everyone knows lighting is everything when it comes to photos. And photos just happen to be the bread and butter of this blog.

Yes, sun is every blogger’s best friend, whether it’s spring or summer.


Swim Suit – Brand Ensembles / Sunnies – Parkmall / Hat – Yoyoso / Earrings – Divisoria 168

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