Dear Kate Spade

Dear Kate Spade,

Your bags are quirky, sweet and classy and I love them.

Your bags, however, come in jaw dropping price tags. Your single bag is worth my staycation in Ho Chi Minh City, so you can just imagine how I steer away from your brand just so I can travel.

But I was so lucky to have one of your flamingo edition. It was a gift from my awesome cousin- in – law and it was like trophy among all the bags in my closet.

Everytime I see your well crafted flamingo, it gives me happy thoughts of never ending summer.

I never thought you felt otherwise.

When I heard the news about you last week, I was on disbelief. This person giving me happy thoughts with the sight of a flamingo was actually very sad and lonely inside. You were fifty five, you had built an empire out of your creativity and vision and at an early age and you became successful with what you love to do. And yet you felt empty and alone.

At the back of my mind, I could just shake my head with such irony. That on the other side of the world was a seventy year old man working very hard in a construction not because he love doing it but because he has no choice, and yet he fights to live just one more day.

Yes, I could not really phatom the wounds that were hurting you that made you end your life despite the irony. I have been very sad too 3 years ago and I know what it feels when living is more painful than dying. But I never gave up, because as cliche as it may sound, there is always hope in life.

Dear Kate Spade, I felt so sad now looking at my flamingo bag knowing how things ended up for you. You could have achieved better things away from the scrutinizing limelight of fame if you only lived one day at a time than be known as the fashion icon hiding behind your quirky creations.

But who am I to preach? I do not even know a single thing about what you’ve been through and how ending your life is the best solution you can come up with.

You may finally rest in peace now, my dear Kate Spade.



Top – APM Mall / Jeans – Vintage / Sandals – Marikina Shoe Center / Bag – Kate Spade / Earrings – Strozzi

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