Bananas and Olive

Three weeks ago or so, I and my highschool friends had a little reunion to celebrate our 20th friendship anniversary. Cheesy, lol! And since emerald stone represents 20 years, we decided to wear something green. My idea was to wear a not- so- green green for a diversion, and since Forever21 has a lot of not- so- green green stuffs lately, otherwise called olive variations, I decided to go with F21’s bananas and olive pieces for our get together.

In real world, bananas and olive are definitely not a pair, at least for me it’s totally a weird combo. And that is why I love fashion and I love dressing up, because it defies reality depending on my imagination. In dressing up, I don’t necessarily have a set of rules to go by. Gone are the days when I have to match my bag with my shoes. I just have to feel good to look good and add a little personality to my looks.

So this little reunion I had with my long time friends reminds me of my school life and how I sometimes get bullied for not wearing the “It” trends. When my classmates were wearing tees, I was wearing a floral ruffled top. When they were all crazy about jeans and denims, I was flaunting midi skirts and square pants. And while most of them graduated with a brand new gown behind their togas, I was wearing a 50 pesos thrifted silk dress.

I know some people at the back of their minds would not expect I would become a fashion blogger. And that’s okay. We are all victims of fashion. We all have different styles and likes, but that doesn’t make us lesser than the other. So if I pair bananas with olive and you can’t, that’s because it’s my style and I know just how to pull it off.

Through it all, I realize that I don’t want to be a mediocre by blending in, but that doesn’t mean that when my style becomes the norm, I have to transform into something I’m not just to stand out. Fashion is an expression without the emotional and verbal drama and nobody should be bullied over someone’s fashion choices.

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