B / W

It’s been more than two weeks since I last blogged, so despite my tight schedule here I am, giving some boost to my page, lol =)

The past few weeks was reaaaally tight for me. Work was tough and I had to fly from one airport to another and sleep at NAIA to catch the earliest flight back to Cebu. Still on jet lag, I had to set up my stuffs for the first ever social media influencers bazaar in Cebu last weekend which was by the way a huge success.

I was without sleep for 2 days and had to go to work again because of the big convention that happened earlier this week. And some family issues came on top of all these crazy stuffs going on, so yes, you can say I was digging my grave for the past 2 weeks of my life; but a lot of those crazy stuffs were fun actually.

Since I was on no show in the online world for 2 long weeks, I decided to show up with a not – so – summer ensemble to break my previous consecutive summery looks with this black and white picture which was btw shot at the back of SNR building while I was adulting.

There’s nothing much to say about this look honestly, except that everything I wore here were all sold out last weekend during the bazaar. As I said earlier, I was just giving my page a boost, and I am dead serious when I said it, haha! Gtg then, lol =)



Jumpsuit – Vintage / Bag – Unnie’s / Shoes – Thrifted

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