Into The Wild

Cebu is truly becoming one the places in the world where you can find a bit of everything. The 4th biggest mall in the world is here, there is an upcoming Ocean Park and  a Water Park, we’ve got a handful lovely beaches, Bali Inspired camps and swings, and now a Safari Park.

Cebu’s very own Safari, which is just two hours drive from the city, reminds me of the Night Safari in Singapore, except that our Safari here is open during daytime. The facilities are exceptional and the place is very well maintained. I honestly had second thoughts going into this place thinking this might just be another zoo in the city with so- so shows and boring stuffs. Boy, I was definitely surprised from the parking area all the way to the lobby. I had that out- of- the- country vibes and it felt good. And no, this is not a sponsored post, haha!

I haven’t got a lot of photos during our trip because it was scorching hot but I definitely did not miss the good stuffs that would make you want to go to our very own’s Cebu Safari.

Wild animals as expected are present in the safari, colorful birds also made their attendance, and of course, our favorite, giraffes. During the first few steps into the wild, you will be greeted with a whole landscape of orchids and flowers which reminded me of my front yard when I was growing up, except that my front yard was a miniature compared to this garden they call “Michel’s Garden”.

I also heard that they are working on some villas and hopefully will be available by the end of this year. From what I heard, they are building some African villa inspired houses with a camp fire outside the room and a savannah view to give you some real Safari feels. How cool is that? And it’s even cooler that it is in my hometown!


If you wish to visit the place, you just need to visit their website to make a reservation, which I did. You can actually do walkins but it is better to make a prior booking just to make sure the place is not booked for some private functions. The rate is at Php 800 for 1 person which is just the typical price range for most safari parks, and yes, that includes a packed lunch which is actually good.

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